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Motor Guide

The Fundamentals on the Working of Motors and How to Select the Right Kind of Motor


To start us off, we need to mention that motors can be found practically anywhere having such a wide array of applications.  This article has taken a particular emphasis learning the basics of electric motors, highlighting some of the types of these devices and the things to consider when choosing the right kind of motors from the top motor guide in New Orleans.  The motor type and the specifications are some of the most important questions that you need to answer as you decide the right kind of motor for an application.  As we move on, we first take a look at the points on the working of motors.


From elementary physics class, we learn the fact that these devices work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy as such creating motion.  This force is so generated in the motor in the interaction of a magnetic field and the winding current, AC or DC (alternating current and direct current respectively).  There is a direct relationship between the magnetic field strength and the current strength as it is a fact that as the strength of the current increases so will there be an increase in the strength of the magnetic field.  One law that you need to bear in mind is Ohms law and as such you need to ensure that you increase the voltage so as to maintain the same current even as you have an increase the resistance.


Considering the uses and applications, you will appreciate the fact that the electric motors have such a wide array of applications and uses.  Among these uses and application areas we have such as on blowers and power tools, machines, fans and as well you see them used on pumps.  There are a wide variety of the types of motors but the most common types are the brushed and the brushless motors.  However just for the mention of, these are some of the other kinds-the vibrating motors, the servo motors and the stepper motors.  The DC brush motors are the most popular as they are so simple, inexpensive, simple to control and as well have the highest RPM at low speeds.  They only have some few disadvantages such as the fact that they will call for regular maintenance such as the need to replace the worn out brushes and the bit that they may happen to be limited in speed as a cause of the heating of brushes. Know more about motor guide services in New Orleans here.


There are certainly a host of factors that you will need to consider when you are selecting the right kind of motors but for the most important features to look into are such as the voltage, the current, the velocity/speed, and the torque.